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Hi, I'm Ali Velas

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Over the last decade, I've had the privilege of founding and growing several successful small businesses, a journey that led me to uncover my true passion: helping others achieve their own success stories. My realm of expertise lies in digital marketing and social media, where I've grown a collective following of over 300,000. At the helm of Creative Ave, I specialize in social media management, content creation, and ad design, leveraging my experience to craft strategies that make brands thrive in the digital space. My approach is adaptive and holistic, aimed at fostering brand growth with authenticity and impact in the ever-changing digital landscape. Communication is at the heart of my work ethic. I view every client and team as part of an extended family, promising to be by your side from the initial stages to the heights of success. My role goes beyond being a marketing expert; I am a dedicated partner committed to ensuring your brand's story is celebrated across the digital sphere. Partnering with us at Creative Ave means embarking on a personalized journey towards achieving your vision with creativity, strategy, and heart.

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1.   cocktail of choice:

espresso martini

2.   favorite time of day:

a.   Morning

b.   Mid-day

c.   Afternoon

d.   Evening


3.   can't live without:

my golden retriever, parker

4.   what season would you be?

a.   Spring

b.   Summer

c.   Fall

d.   Winter


5.   favorite type of content:

visually engaging hook videos

6.   I'm getting married this year in:

Salerno, Italy

We love a


Ali laced up her vision with Columbus Girls Who Walk (currently rebranding as Wellness Ave), a fresh twist on wellness and camaraderie in Columbus, Ohio. Ali saw the trails and city as a place to empower and unite women, turning every walk into a mini-adventure for a chance to connect. Her mission was simple yet revolutionary: to unite women of all backgrounds in Columbus through the simple act of walking, turning each step into an opportunity for wellness and the creation of enduring friendships.

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